We are Cheney’s Zen Karate & Kickboxing Studios, “Red Deer’s House of Champions.” We have been on the cutting edge of all Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Traditional Martial Arts and Karate since 1983 and continue to be leaders in the industry.

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Welcome to Cheney’s Zen Karate & Kickboxing

We are Red Deer and Central Alberta’s longest running and best equipped Martial Arts gym. We specialize in Zen Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Self Defense & Personal Protection, and Specialized Fighter Specific Training. We offer Adult Martial Arts classes and Kid Karate classes.

Our Programs

Zen Karate Do

Karate is a great way to get in shape, as well as an effective form of self defense. Traditional Shotokan Karate, modern Karate, Taekwondo, Akijutsu, and Jiu Jitsu techniques, combined with advanced Olympic training methods, promote self confidence, coordination, and weight control. This class offers tournament oriented training as well as realistic street defense techniques.

Kickboxing & Muay Thai

Combining traditional Muay Thai, Martial Arts and Boxing techniques, along with an intense cardiovascular workout, make this class the ultimate in conditioning and challenge. Cheney’s Zen Karate & Kickboxing is the only school in Red Deer certified to teach Kickboxing by both the World Kickboxing Association and the Canadian Muay Thai Council.

Self Defense classes

We design all our Martial Arts classes to give all students the tools they need to effectively defend themselves in a variety of situations. We offer private and semi-private Self Defense classes for individuals, Self Defense classes for groups, Self Defense classes for companies, and provide Self Defense training in our regular Karate classes.

Improve your skills

Benefits of MArtial Arts

Martial Arts can be practiced by everyone. It is a tremendous way to get in shape and at the same time, learn a highly effective form of self defense. The reasons for studying Martial Arts will depend on an individuals needs and interests. Benefits include:

  • Conditioning
  • Self Defense
  • Discipline
  • Self Confidence

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Jen Stange

My daughter has been training at Cheney Karate for 9 years and counting. She started as a 5 yr old in the Little Dragons program and is now a brown belt training for her black belt. Sensei Cheney is tough but fair, highly skilled and knowledgeable, maintains high standards of training, and has a deep respect for the traditions and philosophy of karate. Students of Cheney Karate truly know their stuff, and I would recommend this studio to anyone.

Jackson Le

This place have change my life. I had no experience in martial art when i started learning Muay Thai Kickboxing from Sensei Cheney. My experience with Sensei Cheney he was patient and always give you good feed back to make you much better fighter. He is very delicate to his students. Muay Thai Kickboxing is the best sport for cardio and build confident. I lost about 40 lbs and still counting. I made some new friends here and they helped me to be a much better fighter.

Roberto Bencivenga

A martial arts organization run by a top expert, attended by dedicated and supportive athletes. Here you find great instruction, great friends and the best environment to keep fit and keep learning every day and at your level, while having fun. Don’t miss it!

Life Skills for Success

Discipline & Confidence

Whether you are looking to study Zen Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or Self Defense, Cheney’s Zen Karate & Kickboxing provides classes that teach core self defense and fighting techniques. Our Martial Arts classes naturally teach students discipline and raises confidence levels.

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Meet sensei lyle cheney

Master Instructor Sensei Lyle Cheney has been training in the Martial Arts for the past 47 years. He has studied under some of the worlds most recognized masters and coaches. Sensei Lyle holds black belt ranks in Zen Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Sensei Lyle is one of Canada’s top recognized Martial Arts instructors.

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