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We are Cheney’s Zen Karate & Kickboxing, “Red Deer’s House of Champions.” Our school has produced virtually all of the Kickboxing and Muay Thai champions that have come out of Red Deer and the Central Alberta area for the past 39 years. Our Karate student competitors have also dominated most Provincial and Regional Martial Arts Championships in all fields from forms and weapons forms to sparring. That is why we are known as “Red Deer’s House of Champions.”

We have produced more Regional, National, and World Champions than any other school in the area, both past and present, and continue to honor this tradition by providing the same level of instruction to every student from beginner to World-class level, no matter the Martial Art discipline.

Why train with us?

At Cheney’s Zen Karate & Kickboxing, we know that everyone has the ability to become a Martial Artist.

In our Martial Arts classes, you will receive:

World-class Instruction

confidence & self discipline

Fitness & coordination

Life-saving skills for protection

educational & fun classes

Frequently asked questions

Why study martial arts?

The Martial Arts can be practiced by everyone. It is a tremendous way to get in shape and at the same time, learn a highly effective means of self defense. The reasons for studying Martial Arts will depend on an individual’s needs and interests:

  • CONDITIONING – Martial Arts training utilizes beneficial exercises that increase stamina, strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • SELF DEFENSE – Martial Arts correctly taught and learned is absolutely the ultimate in self defense.
  • DISCIPLINE – Martial Arts is hard work, mentally and physically and strong moral character is emphasized in the training.
  • SELF CONFIDENCE – Achieved through improved skills and physical fitness. Gain mental peace with yourself and your body.
  • SPORT – For those with enjoy competitive sports there are international competitions in which students may participate.

Will I get hurt?

Although injuries can occur from time to time, the likelihood of any serious injury is very low. Students are taught to be careful, accurate, and controlled, and all training is closely monitored by an instructor. Sports such as basketball, football, and even cheerleading have a significantly higher rate of injury than Martial Arts.

Is it expensive?

The cost for our Martial Arts programs is only slightly higher than the monthly fee at most gyms. At a gym you pay your fee and only use the facility. We offer the added benefit of professional, World-class instruction in addition to our state of the art facility.

What is Zen Karate?

Zen Karate Do is made up of three traditional styles of Martial Arts: Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, and Kickboxing. Our classes offer tournament-oriented training, as well as realistic street defense techniques.

How long does it take to earn a belt or take a belt test?

Many Martial Arts schools today have virtually become “belt factories.” They turn out poorly trained, unskilled students by promoting them through the ranks without having to prove any skill. Cheney’s Zen Karate and Kickboxing Studio’s still adheres to the high standards and requirements passed down for generations. This is what has put and kept us on the leading edge of the Martial Arts industry for so many years.


Jen Stange

My daughter has been training at Cheney Karate for 9 years and counting. She started as a 5 yr old in the Little Dragons program and is now a brown belt training for her black belt. Sensei Cheney is tough but fair, highly skilled and knowledgeable, maintains high standards of training, and has a deep respect for the traditions and philosophy of karate. Students of Cheney Karate truly know their stuff, and I would recommend this studio to anyone.

Jackson Le

This place have change my life. I had no experience in martial art when i started learning Muay Thai Kickboxing from Sensei Cheney. My experience with Sensei Cheney he was patient and always give you good feed back to make you much better fighter. He is very delicate to his students. Muay Thai Kickboxing is the best sport for cardio and build confident. I lost about 40 lbs and still counting. I made some new friends here and they helped me to be a much better fighter.

Roberto Bencivenga

A martial arts organization run by a top expert, attended by dedicated and supportive athletes. Here you find great instruction, great friends and the best environment to keep fit and keep learning every day and at your level, while having fun. Don’t miss it!